General topics proposed for the conference:


Providing recommendations on managing security challenges in the Wider Black Sea Region, relevant for the forthcoming NATO Summit. Assuring the premises for the formulation of the priorities on the agenda of NATO Summit (11th-12thJuly 2018, Brussels) and of Bucharest Nine Format – B9 (8th June 2018, Warsaw) whose meetings at the level of the Head of State will prepare the Summit from the perspective of the states on the Eastern Flank of the Alliance, thus identifying the potential for B9 to contribute to the Alliance’s objectives at its Eastern borders;

Valorisation of the Strategic Partnership between Romania and the USA, with emphasis on the cooperation within the North-Atlantic Alliance;

Improve the security and stability of Central and Eastern Europe by strengthening cooperation with the Republic of Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine. Thus, by increasing the international inclusion and national resilience of these three NATO partners, the geopolitical climate can be greatly improved. As these states become more stable from an economic, political and defence point of view, the level of predictability and security of the Eastern Flank develops a real growth potential;

Deepening the NATO-EU complementarity relationship in areas such as: combating hybrid threats and increasing resilience to them, operational maritime cooperation, military mobility, information exchange on counter-terrorism, cyber security and defence, industrial defence co-operation, exercises and enhancing defence capabilities among Partner States;

Mapping the aggressive behaviour of several regional actors to the Black Sea by using destabilizing unconventional means and identifying solutions to the hybrid threat management spectrum, such as: information warfare, encouraging populist behaviour and social polarization among other states, cyber-attacks, maintaining energy dependency and political blackmail, dangerous military manoeuvres etc.;

Promoting the security culture in the context of the Centenary anniversary, 100 years since the founding of the Romanian modern state, in pro-European spirit.