The objective of the conference is to involve experts and institutional representatives from Romania, Black Sea coastal countries, Europe and the United States to discuss and present analyses, with the aim of identifying sustainable solutions for the Wider Black Sea Region. The approach targets at designing a common vision for the Black Sea and developing policy recommendations, within a synthesis document (Policy_Paper) favourable to the strategic engagement at the level of the leadership of the partners involved. In the same way, we propose exploring the opportunity to also engage in dialogue representatives of the Black Sea coastal states, thus following a principle of relational efficiency, which suggests that regional leadership cannot be efficiently designed without the construction of a Security Trust network.


The Policy Paper will bring together approaches to risks and threats that lead to major challenges to the regional security and stability, including possible references to:

– Deepening, promoting and integrating the concept of extended/wider security at regional level;

– Engaging the effort to assume the strategic culture at the level of coastal states as a determining factor in defining foreign policy commitments;

– Adapting the individual contributions of each riparian state to the construction of a security belt on the eastern flank of Europe;

– Identification of the levers to enhance regional cooperation and to increase the defence institutional capacity of the states in the Wider Black Sea Region;

– Calibrating the regional security agenda to NATO and EU defence strategies and needs.