The Strategic Dilemma of the Black Sea (Eng. version)

On April 7, 2021, the Global Studies Center (LBUS) and the Black Sea University Foundation “Mircea Malița” organized the conference entitled: The Strategic Dilemma of the Black Sea: Problematization of International Accords and Common Security Engagements”.

This paper summarizes* the ideas expressed by experts on the particularities offered by the Montreux Convention and the perspectives according to which the Black Sea can become an open sea, a maritime space with unrestricted access.


Key experts:

Dan DUNGACIU – The Montreux Convention and the Two Perspectives on the Black Sea

Sergiu MEDAR – Istanbul Canal in the Competition of the Great Powers

Șerban CIOCULESCU Istanbul Canal: A “Game-Changer” in the Security Architecture of the Black Sea Region or a (Controversial) Internal Policy Decision of the Erdoğan Regime?

Adriean PÂRLOG The Security of Turkey, the Blue Homeland and the Black Sea

Adrian POPAThe Geopolitical Impact of the Istanbul Canal Operationalization on the Black Sea Coastal States

Silviu NATE Diverged Visions on Multilateralism and Unilateralism in the Black Sea



Translation and adaptation of text: Andreea ADAM and Scott EASTMAN

Organization assistants (interns): Andreea ADAM, Daria AVRAM, Jenica DUMITRAȘCU.


*The ideas expressed do not represent an official point of view and do not reflect the position of any public institution.

The event report is available here: SYNTHESIS_GSC_FUMN