9th Central European Congress on Food (CEFood) 2018

Start date: 24 mai 2018 - End date: 26 mai 2018

Location: Sibiu

Between May 24-26, 2018, the 9th Central European Food Congress (CEFood) and the Symposium of the Association of Milling and Baking Specialists in Romania will take place on the topic – The Role of Fermentative Processes in Obtaining Traditional Romanian Products in Sibiu, Romania . We have the opportunity to combine the beauty and hospitality of Sibiu with remarkable works on important topics of food science and technology and to make it possible to directly know the personalities, companies, specialists in this beautiful and important area. As part of the global and local challenges of food science and technology, we want to invite all scientists, professionals, companies, government officials and professional associations working in the field of food production, food processing, food quality and safety, nutrition, engineering and design, innovative technologies in Europe and the world to participate in this event.

Links to:
Conference Abstract Book

The following special sessions will take place during the congress:

  • Specialized courses – European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG)
  • European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group Seminar, www.ehedh.org
  • Global Harmonization Initiative Seminar (GHI), www.globalharmonization.net
  • Seminar – Association of Specialists in Milling and Baking The BIOATLAS Conference
  • General Assembly of Alimentary Industry Specialists, Education, Research and Production Seminar Blak Sea Association of Food Science and Technology (B-FoST), www.effost.org/