Training Services

Training is an integral part of our mission and we aim to provide our trainees with transferable skills, usable in a wide variety of career paths. We offer specialized courses in food and biotechnology, many of these courses include opportunities to work with industry partners as well as research institutes. Close links that we have with other universities provide high standards of supervisory practice and guidance for trainees, access to training and development courses and experience.

Training course 1

Training and assistance in drafting research projects or attracting European funds, based on the experience of the center members;

Training course 2

Trainings on efficiency and management of production processes for qualified personnel from food enterprises ;

Training course 3

Training of specialized personnel from specialized production units on the use of modern methods on physical-chemical and microbiological analysis of food;

Training course 4

Training of those interested in sensory analysis of food products;

Training course 5

Training of the profile personnel regarding specific activities in the hotel and food services industry (HORECA);

Training course 6

Training staff on the use of the most appropriate, environmentally friendly production processes, able to develop the concept of sustainability, which promotes the reduction of food waste in the food industry, through technological integration, applying the principles of transversality and the circular economy.

Training course 7

Training of young researchers in the field of microbiology, biotechnology and food engineering at European level