CCBIA mission is to develop scientific activities in the field of Biotechnology and Food Engineering.

CCBIA main business is fundamental and applied research in the field of Biotechnology and Food engineers, but can also perform consulting activities, assistance etc.

Scientific research is conducted through funded programs, subprograms, R & D themes and activities initiated by the CCBI-ULBS and included in the institutional plan, as appropriate, to:

National research programs and their management, financed by the National Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation.
Scientific research funded by the Ministry of National Education, the National Council of Research in Higher Education.
Topics of research and consultancy contracted with companies, governmental and nongovernmental organizations.
Institutional programs coordinated scientific research ULBS Commission and financed from own funds.
Coordinates departmental programs and departments within the Faculty of Science and Faculty of ŞAIAPM, which also include individual research funded.

The 2020 Report

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It was founded in 2007 and was reactivated in 2014

exists within the Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, annex 1, Senate Meeting of 26.02.2014

Since 2012, the Sibiu Branch of the Association of Specialists in the food industry, education, research and production in Romania has also been operating - President Prof.univ.dr.ing. Ovidiu TIȚA. ASIAR has managed to become a strong platform to support a research infrastructure, a close research, learning and production.

The mission of the Center focuses on providing scientific and technological support for the growth of the food and biotechnology sector, in line with industrial priorities. The primary mission is to conduct biotechnology-oriented and food-applied research aimed at delivering services and technical products profitable to the industrial sector. In this regard, the business of the CCBIA center are developed in a favorable and transparent working environment with highly qualified staff and motivated to deliver timely quality services and products to their customers.

CCBIA’s vision is to be recognized nationally and internationally as a research and development institution with a key role in the biotech industry and food industry and internationally, particularly with regard to food safety, quality and presentation.