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The Center for Research in Biotechnology and Food Industry through by Career Counseling Center recruits volunteers volunteers for research activities in the food industry.

How long?

We invite you to be part of the team for 5 months , in period 2 5.01.2019 – 2 5 .06 .2019. Ideal would be to have at your disposal 6 hours / week , every week .

What will you do?

• Identification, search for bibliographic resources related to a research topic.
• Making practical studies (experimenting with recipes, new products, innovative, original combinations).
• Physical-chemical analysis and impact of these products from a scientific point of view and beyond.
• Preparation of scientific materials based on the results obtained.


Your activity will take place at the headquarters of the Research Center for Biotechnologies and Food Industries, Laboratory of Food Technologies at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Food Industry and Environmental Protection, production units.

Who am I looking for?

• I-IV graduate students, master I-II, from the specializations of IPA, CEPA, BIA, IMAPA, MPMA, ACSA,
• motivated
• Responsible, conscientious, ambitious, creative, sociable,
• have knowledge of biochemistry, food microbiology, chemistry, general knowledge of food technologies, PC operation, English is an advantage.

The CCBIA volunteer program offers you:

  • opportunities for identification, description of technological processes, live.
  • professional and social opportunities.
  •  the experience of applying what you learned and combining information.


If you read all this you decided that your place is with us, we invite you to send the application form *** (Annex 2), the CV and the letter of intent to room 205 (the contact person Dr. dr. Iancu Maria Lidia, PhD)

Registration period: 05.12.2018- 12.12.2018

For details: 0726357215,
Documents are filed every day from 8-10 and from 16-17, Room 205, where you will also find your application.
We are waiting for you!
*** The „ULBS Volunteer Program”, as well as the registration documents you find / download from the ULBS website.


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