Research Papers

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Prof. Ph.D., Eng. Ovidiu Tița
  1. International research project: FP7 PEOPLE- IRSES, - NUTRILAB Title: NUTRITIONAL LABELING Study in Black Sea Region Countries, ID: 318946, Tiţa
  2. Innovation and development in structuring and representation through doctoral and postdoctoral scholarships (IDSRC DOC-POSTDOC), "Current Perspectives on Sustainable Development", ID 133675, Tiţa Valuation of Wine By-Products with Valuable Products for Industry and nutrition, coordinator prof.univ. Ovidiu Tiţa, Mihaela Balteş
  3. Defining and assessing the authenticity and typicality of some native varieties from established wine regions, coordinator prof.univ. Ovidiu Tiţa, PhD Eng. Diana Stegarus
Prof. Ph.D., Eng. Mihaela Tița
  1. Project Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation - EUROPEAN FOOD SAFETY TRAINING, ID: 536962, Prof. Univ. ing. Mihaela Tiţa
  2. Research on obtaining dairy products with the addition of bioactive compounds
Prof univ. Dr. Simona Oancea

PN-II-ID-PCE-2011-3-0474 2012-2014, "Research on Anthocyanin Bioactives from Food Plants, as useful tools for the stabilization of polyunsaturated edible oils and for eco-textiles" Prof. univ. Dr. Simona Oancea
1. Investigation and exploitation of some bioactive products and pigments from plants for obtaining functional foods;
2.Certifications on natural antioxidants and new antimicrobial agents 3.Toxological investigations on foodstuffs
4. Immunochemical methods for detecting fraud in some foods

Assoc prof. Ph.D. ,Eng. Monica Mironescu

SPAAT4FOOD (2017-2020)  ERASMUS project with 4 University of Tunisia (Sfax, Gabes, Jendouba, Manouba), University Catolica-Portugal, University  Teramo Italy

Assoc prof. Ph.D., Eng. Ion Dan Mironescu

KNOWINFOOD-(2016-2019) ERASMUS project with University Claude Bernard / Lyon, France, University of Food Technology Plovdiv Bulgaria, University of Debrecen, Ungaria, Supremia S.A. Alba-Iulia, România.

Lecturer Ph.D. ,Eng. Otto Ketney

1. Research on new methods for the analysis of bioactive compounds
2. Research to improve detection of frauds in food
3. Obtaining high, feasible, sensitive, rapid, residue and contaminant analytical methodologies
4. Obtain smart systems to reduce residues and contaminants throughout the food chain
5. Studies on authentication of organic, eco-traditional dairy products

Lecturer Ph.D. ,Eng. Ecaterina Lengyel

1. Research on antimicrobial activity of plants with bioactive potential
2. Physico-chemical and microbiological characterization of water
3. Alternative methods of microbiological control of foods
4.Insulation and multiplication of microorganisms of food and medical interest
5. Establishment of the microbiological quality of the various distilled products

Lecturer Ph.D. ,Eng. Maria Lidia Iancu

1. Research on the obtaining, revalorisation and physico-chemical analysis of coating liquids from the canning industry of vegetal origin.
2. Design and analysis of new products of plant origin.

Assoc prof. Ph.D. Monica Crețu

Researches on galvanic deposition of metals in electrolyte solutions


Since 2019, there are 5 individual projects of center members funded according to the Methodology for funding from the Hasso Plattner Institute funds the internal competition for individual grants for scientific research, artistic creation and sports performance 2019 and approved at the ULBS Board meeting on July 25, 2019, by full members of the Research Center for Biotechnology and Food Engineering.

The list of approved projects is available here