Student Events

National Phase Ecotrophelia Contest 2014

Date: 26 iunie 2014

Location: Sibiu


"Lucian Blaga" University of Sibiu was represented at the national phase of the European Ecotrophelia 2014 competition by two teams: the "Mirabelle" team consisting of students Andrăşescu Daniela, Aleman Roxana, Buşe Denisa and the "Ciocosib" team consisting of Şuiu Daniel, Nicu Alexandra, Lăzărescu Iulia, Frîncu Iulian, both from the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Food Industry and Environmental Protection (ŞAIAPM), coordinated by the Chief of Works Dr. Eng. Mironescu Monica. The "Mirabelle" team with the product "Chocolate candies filled with jam, goji and apricot kernels" was chosen by the jury, winning the special prize "Expergo Innovation Award" for the best product with the best integrated sensory attributes, worth 1000 lei, offered by sponsors and also a very honorable 3rd place, in the first year of participation.

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