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DMC 635 V eco CNC

DMC 635 V eco is a 3 axis CNC milling with the capacity to hold 20 preloaded tools. It can perform movements of 635 [mm] on the X axis; 510 [mm] on the Y axis; 460 [mm] on the Z axis. The maximum spindle rotation is 1200 [rpm]. Main usage is for medium and high precision manufacturing, up to 0.01 [mm].


  • The Jetson TK1 developer kit gives you everything you need to unlock the power of the GPU for embedded systems applications.

Axiomet DG2010AF function generator

Electrical signal function generator with which different electronic components can be controlled and simulated. This equipment can generate alternating or continuous signals of different shapes, amplitudes and frequencies. It can be used for example to test transistors by applying command signals to them or to test the performance of an operational amplifier etc

Maker-Bot Replicator 2X 3D Printer

3 D printer with the capability of printing with 2 colours in the same time. Typically used for rapid prototyping.

Keysight DSOx1102A Osciloscope

DSO series oscilloscope can display the measured electrical parameters on a LCD display with respect to time or phase angle. This equipment can measure digital or analogue signals with frequencies of up to 70 MHz, at a voltage amplitude of max. 150Vrms. It can be used to measure electronic modules signals, sensor signals, communication protocols etc.

Weller WD1000 EU Soldering station

This workbench equipment can solder electronic components on printed circuit boards, wires, or metallic surface materials. The soldering tip can heat up to 400 grades Celsius, with the temperature reading displayed on a LCD screen. Control of the temperature can be made via push-buttons. It features a soldering pen support, which can turn off the heating by putting the pen in it.

Twintex TP4305 Workbench power supply

Twintex TP4305 power supply can maintain and control electronic components’ or modules’ supply voltage to a defined value. With the help of supply cables, it can supply a 30V max. voltage and a 3A max. current. It features 4 channels (2 channels have a max. 30V, 1 channel a max. 15V and another channel in between 15-30V), an LED display (can show values for every channel) and different control buttons and knobs

UP Plus 2 3D Printer

3 D printer used for rapid prototyping. Designed with simplicity in mind and open sourced.

Pocket NC V2-10

Pocket NC is a 5 Axis is a small desktop CNC Mill.