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Integrated product-production co-simulation for cyber-physical production system

Physical Prototype

The IPP4CPPS project aims to contribute for the optimization of the complete product-production cycle by having real-time information about machines, production process, product and perturbations into a platform that allows coping with uncertainties for the automatic scheduling and control. To achieve this optimization, an integrated multi-paradigm modelling and simulation platform will be firstly used to evaluate key parts of the product-production cycle. On this basis, a realistic small scale prototype system will be constructed and coupled with the co-simulation to assess the inner complexity to engineer CPS-based production systems and the benefits, risks and maturity level of such systems.

The major objectives of this experiment are:
  • build a small scale integrated product-production co-simulation demo which reflects, as realistic and accurate as possible, real manufacturing and testing processes. This presumes not only the construction of the needed digital models but also the real production system demo
  • evaluate the maturity level of current CPS-based technologies for future implementation into CPS-based production systems. This will reveal which process optimization potential this CPS-based approach could bring compared to the current situation
  • achieve a long term multiplication effect with the implemented demo production system by attracting the relevant companies to develop CPS-based technology (i.e. software vendors) and to use CPS-platforms (i.e. manufacturing companies) during participation at industry-relevant events

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https://doi.org/10.24846/x, 2017

IPP4CPPS Team represented by Samuel Puscasu and Alexandru Butean was present at Bucharest International Technical Fair presenting the prototype of the project, 2017

IPP4CPPS Team represented by Alexandru Butean was present at CODIAX Deep Tech Event presenting the results of the project, 2017

IPP4CPPS Team represented by Bogdan Pirvu and Alexandru Butean will be present at HANNOVER MESSE presenting the results of the project, 2018