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  • INCON - Connected Intelligence Research Center

    Certified by the Ministry of National Education and Research
  • Research and Development

    Prototyping Cyber Psychical Social Systems

Research and Innovation as a Service

Founded in 2017 at ULBS (Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu) , INCON (Connected Intelligence Research Center) gathers together a team of academic researchers and industry professionals with an important mission to identify, organize and coordinate interdisciplinary scientific research activities.


The primary focus of this research center relies on the following pillars:

Computer Science
The latest revolution in technical fields of all types indicates that everything is becoming a branch of computer science.
Industrial Engineering
Engineering at its best combined with efficiency and sustainability, a momentum generator for the modern industry and the factories of the future.
In the current era of automation, complex systems are becoming easier to develop, understand and maintain using all kinds of automation processes.

Areas of Expertise

  • Multi-paradigmatic modeling of social cyber physical systems
  • Service and agent oriented architectures
  • Internet of Things, Industrial Internet of Things and Connected Smart Objects
  • Collaborative structures
  • Semantic Web and Ontologies
  • Human Machine Interfaces, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
  • Artificial intelligence and Smart Systems
  • Decision support systems

Strategic objectives


Engage the center in research programs in the European Community (Horizon 2020) as well as in other national and international programs.


Conduct competitive research activities in the field


Attract funds through direct contracts with industry partners from the local business environment.


Complete all necessary stages in order to obtain the authorization to organize training and specialized courses on the areas covered by the center.


Disseminate the research results, mainly by publishing them in international prestigious journals and by presenting them in scientific events recognized in the field.


Organize international scientific conferences, summer schools and workshops.


Develop a strategy to attract new human resources and encourage the participation in the research activities for students in all cycles of the university education process


Increase the prestige and competitiveness of “Lucian Blaga" University of Sibiu in the development of scientific research and higher education.


Elaborate patents and ensure the protection of intellectual property.