Special Panelist concluding remarks

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Panelist speech dr. Maria Mihaela Antofie, at the end of the Summer School

I need to tell you that I really treasured this scientific saga. Even I wasn’t able to attend all sessions it was for the first-time during pandemic when I felt that we shared our knowledge on a platform of specialists, researchers and students, different points of view from pure science up to the interface between science and policy and from so many countries. Similar with a capacity building development strategy. That creates the opportunity to be known and to know other specialists for so many different fields of knowledge.

I would change nothing in terms of gains of this particular Summer School. However, for the future and based on this wonderful experience, I believe that we need a special forum of discussionsgoogle group to define and redefine the scene of study areas, to evaluate gaps and needs, as well as to further develop our communication too. We need all of this for paving our goals for a sustainable future. Science needs today more compared to the past to get access also through this type of actions. Here dr. Hasrat Arjjumend created a real Berzelus’s melting pot for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity into the mountains at the global level as well as for securing food for our future generations.

Each speaker is an important gem into one big puzzle of knowledge for supporting in harmony the biodiversity conservation as I have seen passion and positive emotions in all the topics tabled by all Faculty Members, Delegates and Special Guests.

Our major problems is the physics concept of time, to understand and to cope for fast acting into the conservation and sustainable use of Mountain Ecosystems. Life is such a fragile gift on mother Earth. We share so many similarities at the cellular / metabolic level down to bacteria and up to bacteria. Biodiversity is Unbutu and we are biodiversity. Therefore, we need to foster our inputs into an innovative time matrix dedicated for biodiversity conservation and engage policy to understand the gravity of losing our history and to acknowledge the real threats for human civilization. The special forum of discussion may further support us in this direction. I will end this session with the news that microplastic is falling from the sky, in mountain areas in Montana the USA, an article published couples of mounts ago and therefore we need to urge our involvement for biodiversity conservation.