Organization and status

KTC HPI-ULBS is a non-profit structure of Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu with financial autonomy and without any legal personality


Our Mission

KTC HPI-ULBS’s mission is to contribute to the enhancing of economic competitiveness by stimulating and harnessing the scientific and innovative potential and by assimilating the technological progress in the key areas of ULBS


  • the promoting of the university, the fostering and support of the university studies or post-graduated programme;
  • projects of guidance/ research in partnership with the business community;
  • research and educational projects as a part of national and international programmes;
  • the promoting and the management of the research projects supported by the Hasso Plattner Institute but also from other sources;
  • scientific manifestations;
  • courses/ trainings/ short-term workshops;
  • laboratory services (testing/ prototyping/ demonstration/ validation);
  • developing and managing the IP portfolio;
  • innovative entrepreneurial activities (technological and social)
  • networking with the business community
  • "The House of Science" – experimental activities for the pre-university environment and for the public
  • supporting and promoting the ULBS scientific journals

The intellectual property rights on the results of the regulated activities are stipulated by the actual legislation, by the specific regulations of the ULBS as well as by the contractual clauses related to the contracts concluded

KTC HPI-ULBS's Annual Work Plan approved by the HPI

The Purpose and Object of Activity

KTC HPI-ULBS has as main objective the development and promotion of certain activities such as scientific research, know-how transfer, innovation, technology and innovative entrepreneurship as well as the promotion of scientific, cultural and civilization values for the consolidation of a society based on knowledge, having the following purposes/aims:

  • The promotion and intensification of non-profit cooperation in the field of education and of scientific research with national and international organizations;
  • The implication of the ULBS community members in non-profit activities;
  • Assistance/ Support for ULBS academic teachers for the accessing funding from national and international educational and research programs;
  • The implementation of some scholarship programs for the promovation of scientific, educational and professional training research;
  • The creation and operation of a research, development and innovation infrastructure;
  • The organization and progress of activities having the aim of promoting ULBS image, both in-country and abroad;
  • The dissemination of research results through the organization and deployment of some conferences, symposia and workshops;
  • The publication of research results;
  • The editing of personal/self and specialized publications;
  • Support for the development of the university campus as a campus of excellence in knowledge;
  • The stimulation of innovation and technological transfer having the purpose of introducing in the economical circuit the research results, transformed in products, processes and new or improved works/services;
  • The management/ administration and marketing/ promotion of the intellectual property rights as a result of the research and educational processes

Organizational and Operational Structures

  • The leading and the administrative bodies of KTC HPI-ULBS are formed of the Board of Directors (BD) and the Scientific Council (SC) and the KTC Director .
  • The Board of Directors is composed of the Rector, the Research, Development and Doctoral Studies (CDISD) Pro-rector, the KTC Director and the DGA Director. .
  • The Scientific Council is composed of the KTC Director; three ULBS research center directors coming from different fields of activity, elected by the other research center directors through a secret ballot; two representatives of companies from Sibiu having research and development activities (in different fields of activity) and a HPI Potsdam representative.
  • The Scientific Council meets three times a year or whenever necessary, at the request of the director or the members. The presence of at least five of the total members is necessary to ensure the validity of the deliberations. The decisions are made by the majority of the present members.

Board of Directors

Prof. univ. dr. habil. Sorin Radu


Address: Bd-ul. Victoriei, Nr.10, Sibiu, 550024, România
Tel: +40-(269) 21.60.62
Fax: +40-(269) 21.78.87

Prof. univ. dr. Andrei Terian Dan

Prorector Cercetare, Inovare și Internaționalizare

Address: Bd-ul. Victoriei, Nr.10, Sibiu, 550024, România
Tel: +40-(269) 21.72.78

Prof. univ. dr. ing Adrian FLOREA, Ph. D.


Telephone: +40-(269) 21.77.79, int.

His duties imply:

  • to represent the KTC HPI-ULBS in relation to the academic and administrative structures and research facilities of ULBS;
  • to coordinate the operational activities of the Research Unit according to the operational plan suggested and endorsed by the Scientific Council;
  • to take part in the meetings of the Scientific Council;
  • to present the annual/ periodic report in BD and SC and to implement the suggesting and the decisions of the forum

Scientific Council

Nr.. Title / First and Last Name Affiliate organization
1 Conf.univ.dr. Adela-Elena POPA
Tel: +40-(269)-212 970
Centrul pentru Cercetare Socială, Facultatea de Ştiinţe Socio-Umane, ULBS
2 Conf.univ.dr.biol. Maria Mihaela ANTOFIE
Tel: +40-(269)-211338
Centrul de Cercetare pentru Ştiinţe Agricole şi Protecţia Mediului, Facultatea de Ştiinţe Agricole, Industrie Alimentară şi Protecţia Mediului, ULBS
3 Cristina Roxana TĂNĂSESCU
Tel: +40-(269)-210375
Centrul de Cercetari Economice, Facultatea de Ştiinţe Economice, ULBS
4 Dr. Silviu REI
Email: silviu.rei(at)
Head of he[a]t Location Sibiu Continental Automotive Systems SRL
5 MSc. Ing. Sorin Rotariu
Email: sorin.rotariu(at)
Managing Director at Visma Romania Holding SRL Sibiu
6 Prof. Eng. Christoph MEINEL, Ph.D. CEO HPI
E-Mail: office-meinel(at)
Hasso Plattner Institut Potsdam, Germania
7 Adrian FLOREA Email: Web: Director Centru de Transfer Cunoaştere HPI-ULBS