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24 hour Innovation Marathon

TU Austria invites you to apply for this year´s 24 hour Innovation Marathon!

You are a creative thinker? You love to puzzle over challenges and prototype stuff? Teamworking is one of your many strengths? Ready for professional, effective virtual collaboration?
At the TU Austria Innovation Marathon, you work in interdisciplinary teams on real industry challenges.
In the run for the best ideas, see what can happen in 24 hours in a likeminded team with diverse backgrounds and skills. We have prepared a set of highly effective and proven online-collaboration tools and will guide you through the exciting, challenging and fun process – wherever you are located. August 25-27, 2012


Oportunitate participare || Webinar Digital Manufacturing

European Digital SME Alliance organizează în data de 9 iunie un webinar dedicat Digital Manufacturing, cu focus pe modul în care companiile își pot optimiza procesele de producție și lanțurile de aprovizionare, folosind tehnologiile digitale.
Evenimentul se va desfășura în intervalul 11:00 - 12:00 CEST.

Totodată, agenda webinarului va cuprinde și o secțiune dedicată prezentării oportunităților de finanțare, dedicate IMM-urilor prin intermediul proiectului KYKLOS4.0 ce oferă granturi de până la 150.000 euro.

Mai multe informații despre agenda evenimentului cât și formularul de înscriere se regăsesc AICI.
Participarea este gratuită!


European Digital SME Alliance



HPI Open Positions

The Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) and Faculty of Digital Engineering, established jointly by HPI and the University of Potsdam, offer a variety of attractive jobs in the scientific and administrative fields. We are looking forward to receiving your applications.

Unsolicited applications welcome: jobs2021(at)

More info:

Cloud Engineers (m/f/o) in the openHPI Project

DevOps Engineer (m/f/o) in the openHPI Project

Rails Developer (m/f/o) in the openHPI Project

Javascript Developer / H5P Application Support (m/f/o) in the openHPI Project

Python Developer / DevOps for Jupyter Notebooks (m/f/o) in the openHPI Project


HPI Open Positions

Digital International Forum V - Artificial Intelligence

Do you have a passion for Artificial Intelligence and want to find out more about how this technology will impact the future? Maybe you just want some tips & tricks on how your business idea can become the next European unicorn.

Join our partners from @see40 on Thursday, April 22 between 14:00 - 16:00 EET for AI for Startups & SMEs, the opening conference from a series of 9 high-level online sessions that will comprise this year's Digital International Forum V: Artificial Intelligence project.

Don't forget to register soon!
Need more info? Check out our website:


Sign-up Form


Comunicat de presa

You think you know it, but do you really know I.T.?

Dear students,

KTC HPI-ULBS invites you to be a part of "You think you know it, but do you really know I.T.?" training. These sessions are completely free and directed towards those who want to learn more about the I.T. industry and its requirements.

Organiser: Vali G. Badea | C.E.O. & Co-Founder of Scriptics

Activities: the training will take place between 19.03.2021 – 15.05.2021 (3h/meeting; 10 meetings). The theoretical part (learning and understanding new information) will be combined with the practical part (resolving exercises that have high applicability in real-life).

Trainer: Vali G. Badea alumni of ULBS.

Language: English

Location: in Digital Transformation Lab – Engineering Faculty

Medium: hybrid (10 students face to face, 10 students online)

Duration: 10 weeks (2-3 hours each week) starting with 19.03.2021

Events agenda and proposed topics are attached (.pdf).

This seminar is addressed to all students who want to learn useful skills (that they will need later) by understanding real-life examples.

Sign up by completing the „Sign-up Form” at the next link:

The selection of the participants will be based on the non-discrimination principle.

Number of available seats: 20 participants.
Deadline for signing up: 18.03.2021, end of the day.


Sign-up Form


FundingGrowth Opportunities

1. ENDING SOON: UFO Open Call for SMEs - Seeking for partnerships of 2 or more SMEs willing to integrate Small Flying Objects (SFO) in the value chains of their industries! Get Up to €60,000 to develop innovative products and services utilising SFO to develop further sensors, nanotechnologies, microelectronics and new exploitation solutions. SMEs consortiums working on Mobility, Climate, Environment, Blue Growth, Digital Creative & Gaming or Finance & Insurance fields are invited to participate. Apply before 18 February!

2. ENDING SOON: LEDGER Third Open Call for Human Centric Innovation Projects - Looking for researchers, developers and entrepreneurs to develop Open License projects! The 9 selected beneficiaries of this call will get up to €150,000 equity-free, technology and business focused mentoring, access a 6-month Customised Venture Builder Programme, and potential venture capital investments. Projects have to be relevant for the topic of Privacy-by-Design and Distributed Data Governance. Apply before 22 February!

3.  FIA Region Start-up Challenge - Second Call Out for solutions on cars, mobility and wider assistance services! The second edition of this open call is  organised by FIA with the support of FundingBox! Do you have an idea on how to innovate in the use of cars in the future? Any thoughts on how to improve mobility experience or make people’s lives easier also outside of their cars? If so, this is an opportunity for you. Apply before 28 February!

4. SMART4LL First CTTE Open Call - Searching for 4 Pathfinder Application Experiments! SMART4ALL’s first Open Call on Cross-Domain Technology Transfer Experiments (CTTE) is accepting proposals from applicants with a background in Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), and the Internet of Things (IoT) to submit proposals focusing on Low-Energy Computing Technologies (CLEC) in one of the following verticals: Digitised Transport, Digitised Environment, Digitised Agriculture and Digitised Anything. The benefits include up to €80,000. Apply before 1 March!

5. Official 1st cut-off date of SCORE - The Real Madrid Next and FundingBox sports tech innovation programme announced its deadline today! SCORE is looking for the best champion startups to Access Real Madrid Next’s unique sportstech ecosystem and benefit from their winning-culture experience. Each year the program will select 10 leading startups working in key areas as Cybersecurity & Technology, Performance, E-Health, Fan Engagement, Audiovisual content or Social. Apply before 11 March!

6. CHANGE2TWIN First Assessment Voucher Open Call for SMEs - Calling for manufacturing SMEs and midcaps! The project is offering up to 25 vouchers for SMEs to work with a certified DIH of their choice that will assess the SMEs and mid-caps' potential to adopt digital twin technologies. They will get a thorough analysis of their digitisation process, and a tailored recipe to implement the digital twinning technology into their specific working environments. Be ready to make your processes smoother thanks to a digital twin! Apply before 29 March!

7. NGI Assure Second Open Call - Supporting projects that design and engineer reusable building blocks for the Next Generation Internet! The selected projects will receive financial (up to €50,000), technical and business support. Submit your proposal if you want to improve and further develop Distributed Ledger Technologies, advanced blockchain technologies and related enabling technologies. Apply before 1 April!

8. PULSATE First Open Call for Technology Transfer Experiments - Join the support programme for Laser-Based technology! PULSATE’s First OpenCall for Technology Transfers Experiments has launched! The project is looking for Laser-Based Additive and Advanced Manufacturing LBAAM innovators and adopters that will partner in the experiments. Beneficiaries will be supported with technical expertise, business mentoring, and up to €150,000 in funding! Apply before 22 April!

9. eSSIF-Lab Infrastructure-Oriented Open Call - Looking for innovators to develop technical enhancements and extensions of eSSIF-Lab! EU innovators are invited to submit their proposals to the Third Infrastructure-Oriented Open Call. Beneficiaries will get up to €155,000 of funding to  develop and test open-source components to populate Self-Sovereign Identities (SSI) Framework of eSSIF-Lab. Apply before 30 June!

IoT Tribe Tech Games

IoT Tribe Tech Games - the second cohort of the Iot Tribe Space Endeavour accelerator is at the end of the acceleration program We invite you to participate in this online event dedicated to facilitating networking among stakeholders in space tech and IoT on 9 February 2021, 10 CET. Participation in the event is free, and additional details and registration form are available here. See the agenda attached!


Tech games

IoT Space

Registration form

Space Endeavour_TechGames_invitation


1. AI4EU Call for Challenges - Looking for 13 Artificial Intelligence ‘Challenge Owners’! The AI4EU Platform has launched a Call for Challenges to select SMEs, Mid-Caps and large corporates to set a particular problem or challenge that would like to be solved with Artificial Intelligence technologies, besides getting 10,000€. The ‘Challenge Owners’ will work together in a 6-month Support Program with ‘Solutions Providers’ selected in two Open Calls for Solutions to develop two solutions per challenge. They will also get visibility in AI4EU digital channels, events and ambassadors. Apply before 26 January!
2. NGI Assure First Open Call - Supporting projects that design and engineer reusable building blocks for the Next Generation Internet! The selected projects will receive financial (up to 50,000€), technical and business support. Submit your proposal if you want to improve and further develop Distributed Ledger Technologies, advanced blockchain technologies and related enabling technologies. Apply before 1 February!
3. UFO First Call for Proposals - Seeking for Small Flying Objects collaborative projects! UFO (Innovation Boosted by Small Flying Objects) is looking collaborative projects (of 2 or more SMEs) to develop innovative products and services by integrating new embedded technology solutions in the Small Flying Objects (SFO) area i.e. Smallsats, Drones and High Altitude platform systems, to support the six targeted emerging industries: mobility, climate, blue growth, environment, finance & insurance, and digital & creative/gaming. Benefits include up to 60,000€. Apply before 18 February!
4. BOWI Widening Call for Developing Hubs - Supporting DIHs, SMEs, and Midcaps by facilitating the access to SAE and I4MS technologies! The Boosting Widening Digital Innovation Hubs (BOWI) has launched a call to select emerging DIHs from regions where these two technologies are underrepresented to collaborate with well-established DIHs (mature hubs). The beneficiaries will receive, on top of mentoring and other benefits, up to 100,000€ and will enter a 21-month support program. Apply before 1 March!
5. SMART4LL First CTTE Open Call - Searching for 4 Pathfinder Application Experiments! SMART4ALL’s first Open Call on Cross-Domain Technology Transfer Experiments (CTTE) is accepting proposals from applicants with a background in Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), and the Internet of Things (IoT) to submit proposals focusing on Low-Energy Computing Technologies (CLEC) in one of the following verticals: Digitised Transport, Digitised Environment, Digitised Agriculture and Digitised Anything. The benefits include up to 80,000€. Apply before 1 March!
6. RIMA Second Open Call - Boosting robotics for Inspection and Maintenance (I&M)! RIMA will support the development and deployment of I&M robotics applications with grants through one type of action: Robotics Innovation Experiment (RIE). RIEs consist of developing, testing, and validating the technical and economic viability of a robotics-based representative model or prototype system to be applied in ‘Target-Use Domain’ operational environment. RIEs may receive up to 150,000€. Apply before 17 March!
7. SMOOTH Market Pilot - Calling for micro-enterprises to help them become GDPR-compliant! The SMOOTH Platform supports small businesses becoming GDPR-compliant and improving their data management. Micro-enterprises and SMEs can quickly test if their data storage and management are compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union. By joining this pilot, you will get a free assessment of your data processing, tailored suggestions on what you can improve and cut costs of storing data, legacy applications and inventory software both in silos and inconsistent formats. Register before 31 December!
8. eSSIF Lab Infrastructure-Oriented Open Call - Inviting innovators to populate the eSSIF-Lab Self-Sovereign Identity Framework! eSSIF-Lab is calling for internet innovators to develop technical enhancements and extensions of eSSIF-Lab's SSI Framework with up to €155,000. Applicants should be able to work in an agile way with regular communication and interaction with other participants in the eSSIF-Lab ecosystem, together developing the eSSIF-Lab Framework and testing the interoperability of delivered components. Apply before 4 January 2021!
9. SCORE Open Call - Hunting for champions startups in the sports-tech industry! FundingBox has teamed up with Real Madrid Next to launch an innovation programme that will scout around for scalable businesses, leading-edge technologies and resourceful entrepreneurs in the sports-tech industry. The key areas of this programme are: performance, audiovisual content, e-health, cybersecurity and technology, fan engagement and social. Benefits include equity-free funding, mentoring support, startup boost and global growth. A total of €4.5M will be distributed. Apply now!
17 December: I4MS Webinar: ‘I4MS Talk about the Digital Europe Programme’. Are you a manufacturing SME struggling to become digital or you found a particular solution but cannot afford all the equipment? Don't miss this I4MS webinar coordinated by TECNALIA to learn about Digital Europe Programme. When & Where? At 11:30 CET. Registration details right here.
18 December: ‘AI4EU – European AI Platform for united European AI Ecosystems’ and ‘All what you need to know about AI4EU Call for Challenges’ live presentations at the Innovation Capacity Track of the 5th Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum (IEF2020): ‘The Challenge of AI'. When & Where? At 18:05 CET. Registration details right here.
14 January: NGI Talk: ‘How is Digital Innovation Shaping the Post-Digital Era’. Today, digital innovation is at the heart of every organization. You need to digitize internal operations to do things better, faster, and cheaper, find new ways to engage users and bring new products and services to market. Join the NGI Ambassador Sam Butler to speak about this. When & Where? At 13:00 CET. Registration details right here.
26-27 January: EDIH - Gearing up towards European Digital Innovation Hubs. The first European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) conference will be virtual. It is jointly organised by the European Commission, Luxinnovation, the Luxembourg Ministry of the Economy and DIHNET, and will gather DIHs, designated EDIHs, regions and Member States, and various representatives of EEN, Clusters, SME associations, public sector organisations and vocational training institutes. More details right here.

IoT Tribe Space Endeavour - Processing Innovation

IoT Tribe Space Endeavour is inviting students and academics active in tech, space tech, engineering, economics and business to join the second episode of the online meetup series. This is your chance to explore the steps which might take you to the third cohort of start-ups to be included in the IoT Tribe Space Endeavour Acceleration Programme (

Clear your schedule for November 18th (5PM-7PM EEST) and register for free here:

In the second round we will be exploring practical case studies, good practices and examples from the industry on how innovation can be processed and implemented.

Take your chance to boost your career early on and stay ahead of the game.

Join the talks with international experts in the field of aerospace technologies, innovation, engineering and startup support confirmed for this session:

For more details follow the IoT Tribe Space Endeavour online channels:


The Open Innovation Contest 2020 of NTT DATA is now open to applications

Dear partners,

We are so excited to announce our Open Innovation Contest 11 event.

NTT DATA opens the selections to the most innovative companies to propose revolutionary solutions in the Information Technology field. The 2020 edition is addressed for the first time at the European level and it aims to promote the creation of new businesses at a global level, in rapidly growing sectors.

If you have a great solution to one of our challenges we are inviting you to subscribe to our virtual event.

Participating in this contest is the best way to ensure that your proposal will be heard by all partners, clients and group companies of NTT DATA. The goal is to reach a win-win-win situation for the registered companies, customers and us.

Please submit your registration until November 20th.

The online pitching event is scheduled for December 4th.Each pitching presentation will take up to 10 min.

How to join:

1. Make sure that you are registered on our platform to receive your token code

2. Review the challenges on NTT DATA Discovery and select the one that best matches your solution

3. Upload the solution proposal in pdf. format

4. We will review your solution and contact you

The participation is free of charge.

For more information or support in the registration process do not hesitate to contact us at +40731996257 or

About Open Innovation Contest

Since 2014 our Open Innovation Contest pushes the boundaries of possibilities for technology and business. Annually we invite start-up companies with great ideas to enter Open Innovation.

Worldwide, regional contests are held in more than 15 cities, where the regional winners will be invited to present their pitch to a panel of judges for the Tokyo grand finale.

To develop innovative business together with NTT DATA, the ultimate grand champion contest winner will receive up to $100,000 USD to develop a proof of concept (POC) with NTT DATA clients in addition to receiving support of a dedicated team of consultants, technical specialists and business experts that will help you bring your start-up to the next level.


NTT DATA Discovery



Between 22 and 24 of September will take place virtually the event EUROPEAN RESEARCH & INNOVATION (EU R&I) DAYS.

The EU R&I days brings together world leaders to debate and shape the future of research and innovation especially in this crucial year. The event follows an unprecedented global crisis. It also takes place just ahead of the launch of Horizon Europe – starting its next research and innovation programme in 2021 - and an enhanced European Research Area. The EU R&I days therefore will provide a unique chance to discuss how research and innovation will benefit the future of Europe and beyond




Create new opportunities for SMEs in the vast domains of Cyber-Physical Systems

Is your SME (small and medium enterprise) providing digital technologies? Join the HUBCAP programme and we will help you with the process of finding new customers and selling your assets.

Within the HUBCAP project (, coordinated by University of Aarhus, Dk, the OpenCall PULL #1.1 competition for SMEs was opened. Call PULL is looking for innovative European SMEs providing digital technologies in multiple application domains. Each PULL call provides a mini-grant of €1,000 to help individual SMEs integrate existing CPS (Cyber-Physical Systems) and MBD (Model-Based Design technology and tools in the HUBCAP collaboration platform. The asset integration is supported by the DIHs (Digital Innovation Hubs) through the participation in workshops. SMEs are invited to define the price structure for their assets and will thus benefit from exposure in the HUBCAP marketplace, as well as the opportunity to find new customers and participate in the subsequent EXPERIMENT and INNOVATE calls.


Press Release_ HUBCAP_Call1-1Pull


OCs Promotional Materials

Financing for SMEs

Information on financing possibilities of up to 55,000 euros for SMEs who want to develop an innovative idea.
There are types of experimental applications (AE) for which projects can be submitted
• UNIC partener: a company has the idea of an innovation, a clear vision on the market, needs technical support to validate the concept and partners with a DigiFed member (up to € 55k)
• TWIN: two companies are partners: the first aims at the idea of an innovation and the technical support is offered by the second company (up to 110k €, 55k € each).
Details can be found below at the address and in the attached document



Regional innovation consortium meeting Brașov 04.12.2019

On December 4, 2019, at the Kronwell Hotel in Brasov, the Regional Innovation Consortium (CRI) Center meeting took place. From the University of Lucian Blaga from Sibiu participated Mr. Adrian Florea - director of the HPI-ULBS Knowledge Transfer Center. The discussions within the CRI Center focused mainly on the implementation and monitoring of the Intelligent Specialization Strategy of the Center Region (RIS3) and financing models for innovation and the business environment during the current programming period, as well as between 2021-2027. During the meeting, the stage of implementation of RIS3 in the Center Region was presented and discussed - activities carried out, perspectives, correlation with national RIS3.

The agenda of the event included discussions between CRI members regarding the competitiveness of the Center Region from the perspective of the contribution of the field of research, development and innovation. The participants were invited to discuss, in the workshops, what are the development needs and directions of action needed to increase the contribution of innovation and smart specialization in the regional economy. The agenda and some of the presentations from the event are attached to this message.

The meeting ended with informing the participants that starting with January 2020, the ADR center will make a series of visits to partner universities in order to strengthen the collaboration and to identify concrete projects implemented using specific ROP operations.


Press release 6.12

Presentation of financial directions - CRI 4.12.2019

The stage of RIS3 implementation in the Central Region

PDR CENTER 2021-2027 Socio-economic analysis and SWOT analysis at the Center Region level

CRI agenda 04_12_2019

Professor Ulrich Weinberg's visit to Sibiu

On October 17th, in the Avram Iancu Aula from the Faculty of Letters and Arts of the Lucian Blaga University in Sibiu, Professor Ulrich Weinberg, director of the School of Design Thinking, Hasso Plattner Institute, Potsdam, Germany, held the opening speech at the 12th edition of the international conference "Engineering and Business Education" (ICEBE 2019) with the presentation "Design Thinking 4.0" - methods of applying the concept of Design Thinking in the development and implementation of innovative solutions for solving problems involving complex processes.

During his visit to Sibiu, Prof. Weinberg together with Prorector prof. Claudiu Kifor and prof. Adrian Florea, the director of the KTC HPI-ULBS inspected the work stage at the Design Thinking laboratory of ULBS being pleasantly surprised by the evolution of the works (completion of the first level) and assuring the Sibiu team with support from HPI Germany in order to complete the works, the training of the instructors and start of Design Thinking activities at ULBS.


MOOC on how to design Smart Specialisation Strategies starting 7 October 2019

Dear collegues, researchers and interested parties,

The BAK S3 ( is delighted to announce the third Massive Open Online Course on Smart Specialisation Strategies starting 7 October 2019. We cordially invite you and the members of your organization to participate.

About the course

The course enrolment is free. The course offers an overview of the concept and methods to design and apply smart specialisation strategies. The lecturers and will use theories and case studies to explain the practice and implementation of a smart specialisation strategy. Hereby the MOOC is proud to present that among others Peter Berkowitz will inform the participants on the S3 lessons learned from the past and on new regulations. The subject of the course – smart specialisation – was originally developed by D. Foray (EPFL), P. David (Stanford) and B. Hall (Berkeley) within the framework of a European Commission Expert Group. Smart Specialisation has had an immense impact in Europe and then beyond after the European Council’s decision to adopt smart specialisation as an essential principle of European regional policies.

The smart specialisation concept involves both a general innovation policy concept and a method designed to operationalise this concept. This method enables regions to design a regional innovation policy, to encourage the emergence and growth of innovation microsystems in the selected sectors. It means identifying the unique characteristics and assets of each region and thus highlighting each region’s true competitive advantages and unique potential. However, smart specialisation requires a substantial amount of knowledge in order to be designed and successfully implemented. It is there, where our MOOC wants to set the focus. The goal is to stimulate enthusiasm for innovation in each of the participants regions, developing creative structures and finding out the most potential. Find more information in the attached documents.


Card image cap

MOOC S3_Information

Design Thinking: The Creative Power of Teams

On July 9th at the headquarters of the LBUS Learning Center, located in Sibiu, on Victoriei Blvd., no. 31, Prof.dr. Ulrich Weinberg, from HPI School of Design Thinking in Germany held the "Design Thinking: The Creative Power of Teams" workshop . In the workshop were described methods of application of the concept of Design Thinking in the development and implementation of innovative solutions for solving problems involving complex processes.

The concept of Design Thinking was first introduced worldwide at Stanford University in Palo Alto USA in 2005 and then implemented at the European level by the Hasso Plattner Institut Potsdam in Germany in 2007. The concept involves thinking of a new product by starting from the technical phase (technological feasibility) to the project phase, to the necessity and use by the company as well as to the economic viability. It is based on the creative power of teamwork, collaboration, innovation, interdisciplinarity. The implementation of this concept involves an iterative process based on the following states: understanding, observation, defining a point of view, conceiving, developing a prototype and testing


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Manufacturing Science and Education - MSE 2019

From 5th to 7th of July, the Engineering Faculty of "Lucian Blaga" University of Sibiu organized the 9th edition of the international conference "Manufacturing Science and Education - MSE 2019". During the conference Prof. Eng. Christoph MEINEL, Ph.D. CEO Hasso Plattner Institut Potsdam Germany, was invited and lectured on "Re-Imagine the Future in an Age of Digital Transformation" addressing current issues, challenges and possible solutions for digitization of the education system, company employees, from simple workers to managers, but also across the entire industrial sector


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Zero Robotics High School Tournament

Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu supported the participation of the members of the Valak team from the "Octavian Goga" National College Sibiu and Quaternion team from the "Gheorghe Lazar" National College Sibiu to the final of the 2018 edition of the Zero Robotics High School Tournament organized by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in partnership with NASA, held on January 12, 2019, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA


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Photo source LBUS Division of Communications and Marketing

Gold Medals Awards

The administrative body of LBUS has approved the award of the gold medal to Mr. Hasso Plattner and to Prof. Christoph Meinel PhD, CEO HPI, for their major contribution in the development of the “Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu, through the act of donation offered by the Foundation Hasso Plattner..


LBUS administrative body decision number 23 from 10.07.2018

Proposal to award the medals approved by the LBUS administrative body

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Photo source Hasso Plattner Institute

Approval of the HPI-ULBS KTC’s Status

The ULBS Senate approved the Status of the HPI-ULBS Knowledge Transfer Center in its ordinary meeting on July 26, 2018, with ammendments to the Board of Directors’ Decision regarding its Name and Organigram



ULBS Senate decision number 3473 from 26.07.2018

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Photo source LBUS Division of Communications and Marketing

The Sign of the Agreement

The Romanian Embassy in Berlin hosted on 19 July 2018 the signing ceremony of the agreement between the "Hasso Plattner" Institute and the "Lucian Blaga" University of Sibiu, through which the German institution donates 4.2 million euro to the Romanian university.

The project has been negotiated over the past two years by Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel - Director of the Hasso Plattner Institute and Professor Ioan Bondrea, the rector of ULBS, following an initiative and through the Embassy of Romania in Berlin and Ambassador Emil Hurezeanu

The donation is for the construction of laboratories and the development of research projects, as well as the scholarships of the Romanian students of the Hasso Plattner Institute.

At the ceremony was present the Romanian Minister of Education, Mr. Valentin Popa, authorized by the Brandenburg at the federal level and the Commissioner for International Relations, State Secretary Thomas Kralinski, members of the leadership of the two educational institutions.


Signing agreement news link

Signing agreement news link

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Photo source Romanian Embassy in the Federal Republic of Germany