SmaS enables the following services:

  • Knowledge services, comprising activities for training, education and skills development, as well as raising awareness among local and regional companies about capabilities and benefits of AI and CPSS;
  • Technology services, enabling hands-on experience in the development and deployment of CPSS within the existing research infrastructure (e.g. production prototypes, open-source software, etc.);
  • Networking services, enabling connection to all relevant local and regional stakeholders to match needs and demands with offers and opportunities. Even more, considering previous and ongoing projects (ESI-founded, public-private, Horizon 2020), SmaS provides access to a European network for finding the best solution.

Example of offered services:

  • Data mining for unexpected circumstances behaviour of dissimilar embedded systems. SmaS applied data mining algorithms to increase the quality of services provided by the client.
  • Automatic transmission prototype for motorcycle. SmaS offered the design (CAD), test (FEA) and prototype deployment of a functional system.
  • Training for the development on integrated hardware-software applications for automotive infotainment systems. SmaS offered professional training and technical consultancy for developing, testing and deployment of integrated hardware-software applications. The solution included the engineering of embedded systems for automotive industry. Engineering means requirements specification and modelling, simulation, implementation and testing on automotive infotainment systems. The service included also the development and automated testing of SWYPE Keyboard type which emulates human behavior.