Sibiu Smart Systems (SmaS) is a non-profit hub integrating theoretical and application-driven research, infrastructure and services of Connected Intelligence Research Center (INCON) and Hasso Plattner Institute for Knowledge Transfer (HPI). Both INCON and HPI are hosted within the Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu in Romania and provide access to a vast network of international industrial partners and scientific institutions.

SmaS integrates Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cyber-physical social systems (CPSS) research with support activities for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and SMEs, to accelerate the adoption of innovative solutions by industry in the field of engineering cyber-physical systems and advanced human-machine systems (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, motion and biometric sensors).

SmaS provides the following services to support digital transformation of regional companies:

  • Knowledge services, comprising activities for training, education and skills development, as well as raising awareness among local and regional companies about capabilities and benefits of AI and CPSS;
  • Technology services, enabling hands-on experience in the development and deployment of CPSS within the existing research infrastructure (e.g. qualified staff, production prototypes, open-source CPSS development software etc.);
  • Networking services, enabling connection to all relevant local and regional stakeholders to match needs and demands with offers and opportunities. Even more, considering previous and ongoing projects (ESI-founded, public-private, Horizon 2020), SmaS provides access to a European network for digitalization solutions.

Project Contact:
Conf. Bogdan-Constantin Pîrvu