The Advanced Computer Architecture and Processing Systems (ACAPS) Research Center

The “Advanced Computer Architecture and Processing Systems” has as its main mission the research and development of innovative systems and architectures for computing, characterized by efficiency, intelligent behavior, and multi-objective optimization (performance, energy consumption, complexity, etc.). In full accordance with the proven scientific abilities of its members, the center’s research will focus specifically on the fields of advanced computing systems, data mining and artificial intelligence, computer vision, high-performance computing, embedded systems, IoT, smart cities, modeling, and simulation.

The strategic objectives of the center are as follows:

  • Addressing new research topics in information science and technology, especially in the aforementioned fields, which are current and have national and international impact.
  • Enhancing the research framework of the center through internships both domestically and abroad, including collaboration with the European excellence network in the field of computing systems called HiPEAC –
  • Identifying and exploiting (new) sources of funding for research, available at national and international levels.
  • Increasing the number and quality of scientific products developed.
  • Diversifying and expanding the mode of exploitation/dissemination of research results, primarily through their publication in prestigious international conferences and journals accredited by ISI Thomson Reuters or indexed in internationally renowned and scientifically impactful databases.
  • Acquisition of new modern research equipment in the field of information science and technology;
  • Obtaining significant funds through contractual research activities;
  • participation in research programs of the European Community, NATO, other international (Euro-Atlantic) programs, etc.;
  • Organizing international scientific conferences in the field of advanced information processing architectures;
  • Enhancing the prestige and competitiveness of “Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu in the development of scientific research and higher education, particularly in the field of computer science and information technology (especially at the master’s and doctoral levels);
  • Creating a training and research framework that leads to the improvement of the quality of doctoral and post-doctoral education in the field of computer science and engineering;
  • Promoting research and development activities, including interdisciplinary, trans-disciplinary, and multidisciplinary approaches, both at the university level and with other collaborating units;
  • Training and supporting specialists, doctoral students, and students in the field of computer science and engineering, especially those at the university;
  • Ensuring intellectual property protection in the field of activity.

The scientific and technological services offered by the Research Center for Advanced Information Processing Architectures (ACAPS) will primarily focus on:

  • systematic and rigorous approach to applied research in the field of computer science and engineering, with a particular emphasis on the creation of advanced information processing architectures;
  • strengthening and developing collaborations with similar research centers in the country and abroad to support the European academic integration of ULBS;
  • increasing research efficiency through enhanced cooperation with industry on national and international topics in the field of computer science;
  • supporting the development and improvement of the quality of master’s and doctoral programs in information science and technology.

The center’s contribution to the support of university training programs (master’s, doctoral) mainly manifests in the following aspects:

  • creating and developing mixed teams composed of faculty members, doctoral students, and students (at the master’s and even undergraduate levels) to support higher education, with achievements especially in the field of advanced information processing architectures, data mining, artificial intelligence, etc.;
  • involving master’s and doctoral students in research work by including them in mixed teams (faculty members, doctoral students, students). This ensures the assimilation of the latest results in the field of computer science, advanced information technologies, telecommunications, etc.;
  • mastering modern research techniques (modeling, simulation, emulation, virtualization, implementation, performance evaluation, etc.);
  • developing analytical, synthesis, and scientific creativity skills;
  • acquiring specific abilities to work within a research group;
  • developing individual study capacity and self-improvement skills.


The researches are partially supported by some research grants and some companies (for example Siemens AG, CT IC Munich) or universities like UPC Barcelona (Department of Computer Architecture – DAC, led by Professor Mateo Valero), University of Augsburg, University of Hertfordshire, Politecnico di Milano, etc. The research results were published in some prestigious journals and international conferences.

During the 1998-2009 period ACAPS already finished 14 institutional research grants and projects, financed by The Romanian National Research Council (CNCSIS), ICI – Bucharest, Akademia Gorniczo-Hutnicza Krakowie and INFOSOC research program (see for details). Through these research grants ACAPS has been acquired some high-level equipments and software tools, including a powerful IBM Cell BE system, containing 2 blades with 36 cores – see for details section Also, in ACAPS institute were developed five PhD theses up to 2011; one in cooperation with Siemens AG, CT IC Munich, focused on document classification (Professor’s Hartmut Raffler – Vice-President, research group), and other three PhD theses in cooperation with University of Augsburg, focused on developing some advanced micro-architectures (Professor Theo Ungerer was PhD co-supervisor for one of these PhDs, together with Professor Vintan).

Two of the researchers belonging to ACAPS (Prof. L. Vintan and Dr. A. Florea) received the prestigious “Tudor Tanasescu” Romanian Academy Prize, in 2005, for their valuable research in Computer Architecture field.