About us

The Heritage and Socio-Cultural History Research Center operates under the auspices of the “Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu and of the Department of History, Heritage and Protestant Theology. As a result of the its reorganization in 2014, it is the continuer of the Institute for the Research of the Transylvanian Cultural Heritage in European Context founded in 2001 and accredited by CNCSIS in 2003 (type B).

he Heritage and Socio-Cultural History Research Center assumes an overall mission of fundamental scientific research and knowledge transfer to society through scientific research and the valorisation and dissemination of results. The archaeology component of the he Heritage and Socio-Cultural History Research Center defines its primary mission through carrying out interdisciplinary research aimed at recreating and understanding of the human society from prehistoric communities to the emergence of medieval “countries” / “kingdoms”. he Heritage and Socio-Cultural History Research Center equally aims at developing research in the field of cultural heritage, especially in the following areas: critical recovery of tradition (political, cultural traditions etc); metamorphosis of the village and its institutions (intellectual elite, family, representative authority, feast times, forms of ownership and economic relations etc.); axiologies, identity project developments, interferences between the scholarly and the popular culture (political festive and commemorative culture: the cult of personality and “places of memory”); analysis of Pantheon values (personalities, places of symbolic value, political and cultural trends, their interference, totalitarian axiologies, political mythologies).

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