Welcome to Biophysics Research Laboratory

Atomic force microscope (AGILENT 5500)

Types of analysis that can be done are force spectroscopy, visualize the nanometer sized particles and molecules, including different type of proteins. It is well suited for aplications in life science, materials science, polymer science, electrical characterization, and nanolithography applications.

Robotized workstation (PATCHLINER NANION)

It is used in drug development and in basic and applied biophysical research, as well. Types of analysis that can be done are primary cells (ion channels), voltage gated channels, and ligand gated channel investigations.

Microscope with epifluorescence (HUND)

Instrument for the observation of cell cultures. Types of analysis that can be done are investigation of living material, finest structures (tissue, cells) are made visible using fluorescent dyes.

Capillary surfactometer (CALMIA)

Is a good tool in the study of pulmonary surfactants and what effect inhibitors have on its ability to rapidly adsorb, spread, and reform a monolayer in the dynamic conditions of the respiratory cycle.

Laminar flow nice (Nuve MN 120)

Products handled include non-pathogenic biological samples, cell and tissue cultures, in the pharmaceutical, electronics, optics and food industries.